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I like the clean interface. It’s easy to use and not too flashy (I guess we’ll see how long that lasts). Check it out Advertisements

Oftentimes people are interested to hear that I don’t have cable or basic television channels at home. I own an hdtv for viewing films and videocasts – and that’s about it. Admittedly, this wasn’t a renegade decision. I moved earlier in the year from Miracle Mile to Santa Monica and just never got around to […]

Frances Anderton of KCRW’s Design and Architecture interviews Robbie Conal and Separd Fairey in a segment entitled The Graphics of Political Protest. Stream or download the show here.  For more: DNA blog

If you did a Google search for Swedish singer-songwriter Fredrik a month ago, all you’d find is a lone blog post on The Music Slut entitled “who the hell is *fredrik*?” A month later he’s way more visible – a website is up and he’s got prominent placement on sites like I like his […]

Yesterday Bobby from Kitsune Noir tipped me off to a new (to me) artist, Christopher David Ryan from Portland, Maine. Ryan is featured in yesterday’s Desktop Wallpaper Project and has several sites where you can view and purchase his work. On his personal website he offers up a daily design with full archives, and also offers […]

The Daily Beast


A new discovery this week is The Daily Beast, a news site that curates – not aggregates – popular stories in the press. The Daily Beast is the brainchild of author, columnist and magazine editor Tina Brown. Although the content itself has a tendency to err on the tabloid side, it’s great to be able […]

Tonight I watched the second presidential debate at Current TV’s Hack the Debate, a video mashup of a live video feed combined with a text overlay of comments (aka Tweets) submitted by Twitter users. I also had Twitter’s election page running in a separate window. While it wasn’t apparent that all Tweets submitted to Hack […]