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Wired Magazine is having another photo contest – and this time the subject is music. Submit your photos here or check them out and submit your vote. Note: my pictures are towards the end! Wired Magazine photo contest Advertisements

Frances Anderton of KCRW’s Design and Architecture interviews Robbie Conal and Separd Fairey in a segment entitled The Graphics of Political Protest. Stream or download the show here.  For more: DNA blog

Yesterday Bobby from Kitsune Noir tipped me off to a new (to me) artist, Christopher David Ryan from Portland, Maine. Ryan is featured in yesterday’s Desktop Wallpaper Project and has several sites where you can view and purchase his work. On his personal website he offers up a daily design with full archives, and also offers […]

Catching up on PSFK tonight, I found a great piece on a group dubbed the Pop-Down Project. Originating from France and now nearly 500 strong globally, the subversive art group likens real world advertising to internet pop-up ads. Their trademark, a large “X” affixed to the upper right hand corner – similar to what you’d […]